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NCAA Baseball Landscape

It is difficult to project the college sport’s landscape whenever it returns, but we know for certain, 2021 will not be a typical year for college baseball.

Student athletes will have to compete for a spot against a four-year starter who would have graduated college otherwise. The NCAA granted spring sport seniors another year of eligibility on March 30 of 2020.

It could be a benefit for college seniors as they have been around the block a little bit, but it could be a good thing for an incoming freshman to adapt to the speed of the game.

At the Division I, II and III levels, college seniors will not count against the team’s scholarship limit, nor the roster limit for Division I schools. However, such decisions to retain seniors are up to the individual schools, which means coaches will need to weigh positional scarcity and playing time.

A shortened MLB Draft adds even more incentive for college seniors to remain in school. As a result, schools could experience dept chart increases for some positions.

NCAA extends recruiting ban through June; camps and visits for that month are now off.

While graduating seniors will face a changed college landscape next year, the residual effects of COVID-19 have also affected high school juniors who were counting on a big season of recruiting.

Baseball will have some changes at both the high school and college level next season because of the suspended season, which could bring additional pressure upon players and coaches alike.

Let’s do everything we can for these rising juniors and seniors.